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God of False Luck

Alignment: True Chaotic
Favored Weapon: Throwing Card (and Throwing Dart)
Domain: Charm, Glory, Luck, Nobility, and Trickery.
Gods Colors: Pink, and Red.

Chosen: None on record.

Zyrus is the 22nd god born of the Father God.


He is the one god most people have personally met, he spends his time among people and is known to change his form all the time (Race, Gender, Height, Weight and other such things) but he can usually be spotted as he always has red hair and pink eyes. The common people know him as the god of gambling as he visits them quite often to the dismay of the owners, but in older texts he is refered to as the god of false luck. He doesn't care for good or evil, and doesn't much care for self gains either, he just shows up and mixes things up. Usually in a harmless or entertaining way, but he does from time to time take things too far and cause real issues.

While newer texts refer to him as a god who brings fortune to those who meet him, older texts refer to him as a omen of ill fortune. There are some cultures in the far east that view any sign of the god to be bad luck and try to distance themselves from the source. In the mainland that opinion of him isn't shared, most people see him as a sign of fortune to come, only thinking him bad luck for casino owners, and while many people have spoken to the god, when asked he only says, "people believe what they believe, I don't cause either i'm just here to enjoy myself." 

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