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Lord of Thieves Race: Human Gender: male Description: (im tired this will be done tomorrow) Guilty of Theft, murder, bribery, kidnapping, assault, smuggling, high treason, arms dealing, and many more. Reward: 75,000 platinum dead or alive.(edited)

To be added: Little Skinny, Iron Ghost, Two Moons, Portman Pendel, Lyle the Demon Shot, Xander the Life Eater, Edric of the Streets, Athoria (she was never reported dead and did have a bounty)

The Butcher Race: Ogre Gender: Male Description: A giant Ogre who wields an oversized butchers knife. Guilty of Murder, Destruction of Property, Kidnapping. Reward: 30,000 Platinum dead or alive

Marie Yusel Race: Human Gender: Female Description: a 32 year old woman, brown hair and eyes, light tan skin, Reward: 300 gold alive, 150 gold dead. Guilty of Armed Robbery.

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