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Population: 53

Umawii is a fishing hamlet entirely populated by Gillmen, a simple town with hand made homes and governed by the eldest of the people. They prefer peace when interacting with other races, but those there are capable fighters, mainly due to having to fend off dangerous beasts that inhabit the area, and the fact that they hunt in waters filled with many deadly predators. In terms of technology they have not advanced much past spears for hunting and simple wooden homes, and like wise in magic they don't posses much other than a few individuals who can perform basic spells. 

Those of Umawii track their origin back to a tale passed down verbally through the years, "Before the end of the old world the first men to become our kin traveled to this land upon their ancient vessel in search of a place to avoid catastrophe, but yet they could not escape. An agent of death found them and twisted their bodies into such that they could not survive out of water. So they settled down next to the river and have been there ever since." 

There is a cave a little way off the hamlet which is said to be where the "Ancient Vessel" is located, and the locals believe it is still operational. The caves location is only known to the elder and a handful of hunters who scout the area every so often, but they have always had to retreat before they could find the Ancient Vessel.

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