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Bonnie Mayel

Time Bomb Bonnie

Age: 29

Race: Human 

Affiliations: Hunter's Hall, Pendilum 

Hunter Stats:


Bonnie is the topped rank of Tartatus' Slayers in

the Hunters Hall, using her powerful force based

explosions to take down powerful beasts with ease.

She is known for her laid back attitude and a knack

for getting into trouble alongside Kikuro. She is also a known

descendant of the God of Time Pendilum, a fact which she is not fond of. Bringing it up sets her off, and she refuses to use any of the abilities her bloodline gives her, choosing to master force based magic rather than time based. 

In the year 3400 she attended the college in the Magic Isles, originally being admitted to the tower of Falor as they wanted her to focus on time magic there, but she then got herself transferred to the Tower Veron to focus on evocation. However after a short 7 months there she was expelled from the college due to many instances of causing major property damage, and occasionally injuring others with her explosive magic. 

After leaving the Magic Isles Bonnie worked as a mercenary, specializing in monster slaying, as it was one of the few professions she could use her explosive arts in without getting into trouble. In 3405 she met Bastle after being arrested on charges of property damage, after she collapsed a house on a job to kill a group of chokers which infested the location. Bastle paid for the damages she caused and used his position as a Knight of the Blade to have her released on the condition that she pay back her debt by taking jobs at the Hunters Hall. She was able to quickly pay back her debt by taking jobs hunting high risk monsters, and chose to remain with them, quickly making the rank of Slayer, then getting to the top. 

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