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Those damn green eyes [In Progress] Part One:

Middenhelm Arena (Solo Quest) Do you have what it takes to be the strongest fighter in all of Middenhelm? Then come on down to the Colosseum of Zyrus and put your skills to the test! Fight your way through many aspiring gladiators to earn fame, fortune, or simply for the thrill of combat. Perhaps you could be the one to take down the long time champion Tartarus! Rank 280: Rectus Reward: Fame! Fortune! All the Free Chicken! Additional Information: The Arena quests can be started by multiple players, but they will progress at different paces all depending on skill and showmanship. Additionally only a single player can truly finish this quest. The quest starts with low CR enemies which get more difficult as you move up the ranks so it can be started at any level but to complete the entire quest chain you have to be able to beat Tartarus in single combat. (Good luck with that)

A Witch, The Demon Eater, and Religious Murderers Part one: Disciples of Tarius Rectus killed a Deciple of Tarius in single combat, but then the Deciple decided not to die. Part Two: Something Something Gun Pun (im lazy right now) Cillena is having someone look into the weird gun Rectus got off the Deciple of Tarius. Speak to her after a few days and maybe she will have answers. Note: Since Rectus did part one alone she will only talk about the gun if Rectus is there. Reward: some of that information things.(edited)


In the End Money Always Outweighs Risk Whisky and Gunpowder. Gonri is running low on a special Western Whiskey, he is looking for someone to go pick it up as he is a busy man. Reward: Big Cash Money Wads, also regaining some rapport with Gonri who has lots of connections and information.


Goblins Gold, The Only Reliable Trading Service Around! Need some equipment shipped in from foreign lands? In search of some of the fine fruits they grow down south? Maybe you just need letters sent to your family up north? Whenever you need something either brought in or sent out of Middenhelm this is the place to go! What do you mean weird rumors? Those are all lies, its our competitors trying to ruin our good name, we strive to not only be good businessman, but good people too. Reward: ???(edited)

Hunters Hall Register by speaking to Tartarus, you will know who he is when you see him. Pull a job off the board, go out and hunt down creatures that have been causing trouble in Middenhelm, get paid. That's all there is to it. But a bit of advice from an experienced hunter, if you borrow a weapon from Tharins equipment room return it ASAP, if you lost it then skip town, change your name, and pray to every god that he doesn’t find you. Note: This isn't a standard quest, there is no actual end. However doing certain jobs for the Hunters Hall could open up quests with other NPCs. Reward: All dependant on which jobs you take.


The God Seeker [in progress] It's been 15 years since the disappearance of Mogrin Diehandus, The God Seeker, the only things found were a few pages from his personal journal which held multiple secrets about the gods that no man knew before. It is believed in his 23 year journey he had discovered more about the gods than the entirety of the intelligent races had since the beginning of recorded history. Every single church has sent out search parties looking for him, either in hopes to ensure the safety of a good man, or simple find his journal and learn everything he did. Most have given up hope assuming he is lost forever, but there are a few who continue the search. Reward: Good reputation with almost every religious group.(edited)


The Twins! Hello my name is Thela and there is my brother Thero, and my best friend in the whole world Theko! We are traveling around the world to- What Thero? I can’t tell them about it… O right! I almost forgot thanks! Well ummm I don’t have much else to say I guess… Theko picked me this really nice flower the other day, he is such a good friend. Thero still won’t get his face out of that book, im worried it might fuse with his hands… That would be really weird… Shhh Thero im trying to make friends here, you should try it sometime! Awww alright, sorry guys I have to go cuz my brother hates fun. Reward: Something?


Starting Up a Bakery Part one: Girls Love Shiny Things Bellenum had mentioned that she is looking for a crystal made of ice in the Northern Gnomish lands of Valdaren. She says its located in a place called Bonzur Bay. Go up there and get it and bring it back to her so she could use it for… baking? Reward: Some pocket change, and the appreciation of a baker just trying to make a living. Part two: ????(edited)


Endless Fields of Green We have seen it time and time again, the Orcs get all rowdy and try to invade neighboring countries. But this time it's different, They almost never crossed the channel, and if they did it would be in small boats which would be falling apart on their own, when did they get actual warships? For hundreds of years they could never even reach Lithros, and now its in flames, and they still press north without issue despite half their troops trying to invade Diandel! Sorry I was thinking out loud again, fill out this paperwork and we will have you on the next ship out to fight that green plague. Reward: Get to travel to new lands, steady pay, meet new people, and learn what it means to be part of a team!

Advancing Darkness We can’t just try to hold the line forever! It keeps pushing us back slowly, soon enough it will engulf the entire continent. But charging in is suicide, we have learned that the hard way… The worst part is we aren’t exactly sure what it is. That damn fog rolls over lands and suddenly they are filled with abominations. There has to be some way to stop whatever this is! Reward: Some voodoo shit


Taking Some Time Off Why hello there, my name is Nerval. If you had a moment I was wondering if you could assist me with a situation. You see my neighbor Lord Eireinlie has been a good friend for a long time, and recently he seems extremely stressed. I suggested he take a vacation, see far off lands, meet new people, and generally take a break from life, however he did not seem to enjoy that thought. I was hoping you could perhaps help me convince him? Of course you will be well compensated for the job. Reward: dat green paper shiny coins

September 25, 2018

Blackbloods Ghost Recently Gustel Blackblood put out a personal bounty of 100 platinum on any information regarding a man named Xander Xellius. Strange thing is that Xander Xellius was reported killed by Gustel 6 years ago. HIGH LEVEL QUEST Reward: an amount of money thats probably not worth the risk.(edited)

What happened to Edric? After the party loudly discussed about betraying Edric due to their suspicion that he might betray them, he betrayed the party in order to not be betrayed first. But what happened to the frog man? Reward: ????

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