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Player Stories

Eury, Farn, and Kane find themselves at an Inn with no memory of why they were there, and no knowledge of each other, the only clue they held was photographs containing each of them in addition to a few others they have never see, including a small child. 

After spending some time in the town they discovered that they were not the only ones missing memories, it seemed as if the entire town was plagued with memory loss. The party spoke to a shopkeeper who claimed a strange group of four came through shortly beforehand, consisting of a Tiefling, two children, and a man standing 8 feet tall in full plate, and they left a doll behind that looked just like the girl in the photo which the party bought. Kane decided to put on a show to attract the town and during the event Eury asked the people there about what was going on. They then discovered a strange little girl living in a tree who called herself Ella, after a short time speaking with the girl they blacked out. 


The trio find themselves in the Inn again with no memory of how they got their, although they did remember the day prior. It was then they discovered that no one in the town remembered them. What's more they discovered they Inn has records of them staying in the town for over a week despite the innkeeper and the party knowing nothing about this. They went back to the girl in the tree suspicion about her involvement and that's when Farn identified her as a “Memory Child” a creature that feeds off the memories of other. The memory child told them that it was brought to the the material plane by a young girl. The party then convinced her to leave the town and she reluctantly did so. After they ran into a man later identified as Mizer, who was speaking to the mayor. Mizer offended Kane by stating that he reeks. Kane has not forgiven him.

After they headed to the nearest city, the city of Middenhelm, and visited the Goblin's Gold Trade Corporation to ask about possible employment. Shortly after entering a man who did not introduce himself, clad in a breastplate and wielding a musket came out with a half-elvish woman in tow. he demanded the party empty their bags and when they did a ghost appeared from under the table grabbing the doll exclaiming “I got it!” And flew over to the Half-Elf. After a short exchange of words in which the man with the musket seemed upset the ghost handed over the doll which the man shot the head of then left. The half-elf explained the dolls are sentient and made by an evil man called Po the Alchemist, and they should be weary around such things. They were offered a job after working for a man named Esben


They traveled through the city to a tavern named Gonri's Magic hands, and found the man named Esben who told them he wanted to acquire a specific pocket watch, however it was, at the time, in circulation in the black market and he did not have the adequate funds to purchase it but was set on acquiring it. The watch was the prized possession of an old thief of Legend, Virmor the Minute Mastermind. After talking about where the watch would be and when they set off, 4 people with no experience in heists, to acquire the watch. During the heist all of them failed their plans, save for Kane who simply walked in and took the watch then left, meanwhile Eury and Farn fleeing the site with thugs in pursuit, and Esben gone from sight. Shortly after they met back at Gonri's Magic Hands. Esben gave them the promised gold, and then some as Kane has informed him he had to use some of his own gold to bribe a man in the heist. They asked why Esben wanted the watch and he replies with "To channel Virmors soul." After which they parted ways.

The next day Kane, Farn and Eury decided to go to the Hunters Hall, and aquired a job hunting wolves off their Public Jobs Board. After tracking the wolves down they slew one and injured the other which ran off with the party in pursuit. They chased the wolf to a stream where they saw a pair of children one female and another male who looked around 12 in age accompanies by a 16 ft tall creature in a suit of armor, who introduced themselves as Thella, Thero, and Theko. After 

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