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A Strange Alliance in a Stranger Land

Those Elven cowards seem content to let this shadow consume their land, and the Gnomes fear what lies within. They are useless, we need to take matters into our own hands. The only ones who support a march into the mist are those half men, I never thought we would count them as allies but strange times are upon us. Tonight we march into the Shadow Mists, we will find a way to destroy this foul blight upon our lands. 

Character requirements: Level 12, Either Half-Orc, or Halfling race. 

Recommendations: A proper healer, there will be no safe places to rest. All combat oriented or stealth abilities, you are a soldier or a scout and nothing in there wants to negotiate. Resistance to Fear Effects might help.

Important note: Good Luck out there.

One Shots

Ball of Blood Part 2

After the massacre at the ball of madame Lorenda Viel, and the strange circumstances of the event, the manor has been plagued by a variety of haunts, you a veteran of the paranormal have been tasked with the destruction of these haunts. 

Character requirements: Level 15, Race not looked down on by Elves (For any races other than Elves ask your God if they work.)


Recommendations: Ability to use positive energy (Channel Energy, cure wounds, etc.) or class ability that affects haunts. 

Important note: Haunts are NOT ghosts, and only certain haunts qualify as undead. While a lot of abilities used to hunt undead might help out make sure they can be used against haunts. 

A Flower for my Wife

A man has traveled 2 countries to find a specific flower for his wife, however this flower is said to be one of a kind. 

Character requirements: Level 10? (Might change) 

Recommendations: Good aligned abilities, and maybe a good pair of eyes. 

Important note: Flowers are Pretty. 

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