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The Damned Exorcist

Age: 34

Race: Human

Affiliations: Church of Diya, Diya's Lance. 

Mizer is one of four members of Diya's Lance, a group who operate under Diyan, chosen directly by the goddess Diya, who dedicate their lives to slaying creatures that would defile Diya's gift of life (Demons, Devils, Undead, etc.) While the other three are well loved among the church and civilians, Mizer has the opposite reputation. The only members in the church who approve of Mizer are the other members of Diya's Lance and Yorian Lorentus, the second chosen of Diya. The reason for the hatred towards him stems partly from his attitude, he is blunt and doesn't mind his tongue around others. There are also many rumors surrounding him which all speak about a darker aspect of his life, people claim things such as he himself is a demon, or he is possessed by a demon, some believe he is an agent of darkness, some claim he himself is undead. The rumors are vast and wild, but they all come from the fact that his right eye glows an unnatural green and the skin around it burned, and that before joining the church he worked as a black market exorcist using methods that were deemed too dangerous by the church and outlawed long ago. The exact circumstances of his joining Diya's Lance, and his past as an outlaw are kept a tight secret within the church which only add fuel to the rumors that are created about him, with the only thing known is he was only allowed in when both the Chosen of Diya stated their opinion to allow him, and all those who disagreed changed their official opinion as to not publicly disagree with both those chosen by their goddess.

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