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Kingdom of Middenhelm

Iron Wall
The Far Fort

The capital of the country of Middenhelm is the city of Middenhelm. The city is split into 6 distinct sectors, the Citizens District, the Military District, the Market District, the Hunters District, the Entertainment District, and the Holy District. The Market, Hunter, Entertainment, and Holy districts are all part of what people refer to as the Freecity, while the Military and Citizens districts are referred to as Middenhelm Proper. Middenhelm Proper is where the castle, armies, and homes of Middenhelm citizens are located and no one is allowed to enter without citizenship save for special cases (diplomats, special guests, etc.) While it’s not officially written anywhere it’s common knowledge that only Humans are given citizenship, with only two exceptions, Tartarus of the Hunters Hall (Minotaur), and Sarsnir of the Goblins Gold (Goblin). The Freecity, as the name would imply, is open to any one of any race. It’s the Freecity that people from all around travel to, from traders looking to make a fortune, or tourists looking to see the great city


The three first civilizations on Diandel were Middenhelm, Altroth, and Dwenzer.  Middenhelm was founded by Arden Middenhelm and is currently the oldest standing civilization on the planet. While Altroth was sealed away by mages of old, and Dwenzer fell due to the Blackblight plague Middenhelm still endures, albeit by a slightly different name due to the arrangements of the Arenhelm family. The King of Middenhelm is still a direct descendant of Arden and wields the "Blade of Freedom" which was given to Arden by Aiya herself. It has also seen a great expanse to its walls, in ancient times only spanning a single castle surrounded by many farms, now the city is roughly 16 miles across and filled with countless structures. It is also known as the most prosperous city in Diandel which in large has to do with its centralized location. No matter which way you go, north to south, east to west, you will have to pass through Middenhelm.


The country is run by Kind Raldin Middenhelm, and each city (with the City of Middenhelm counting as two) is run by the Five Knights of the Blade. The Knights are the loyal knights hand chosen by the king to defend Middenhelm, and have done so since its founding, each knight has direct jurisdiction a specific city.


Prince Matian Middenhelm, Knight of the Citizens District.

Bastle (The Castle Wall) Forgel, Knight of the Freectiy.

Miramel (Maiden of a Million Blades) Serias, Knight of Iron Wall.

Orsimir (The Orc) Gornek, Knight of the Far Fort. (Orsimir is a human its just a name)

Fendar (The Wild Hunter) Yelus, Knight of Hill Hall.


The Freecity of Middehelm is also run by four establishments which handle everything in the Freecity such as taxes, laws, and events.

The Holy District is run by the Church of Diya, headed by Yorian (Speaker of Good) Lorentus, and Diyan (Bane of Evil) Antel.

The Entertainment District is run by the Winds of Fate Casino, headed by Niivaldin Windwell.

The Market District is run by the Goblins Gold, headed by Sarsnir Murdriff.

The Hunters District is run by the Hunters Hall, Headed by Bastle (The Castle Wall) Forgel, Tartarus Shorhol, and Tharin (The Lance) Gurut.

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