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God of Magic

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Favored Weapon: ????

Domain: Artifice, Knowledge, Magic, Repose

Gods Colors: Blue

Champions: Sorlava 

Magnel is the 12th god born of the Father God, and he is the last of the Natural Gods. After the creation of the land, and sea, and the birth of flora and fauna of the world Magnel sought to connect all that his siblings has created. He at first attempted to mimic their abilities but was unable to figure out how to create, instead he found he was skilled at changing the world around him. He created a network of arcane energy which attached to everything his siblings had created, and while he was never as good at creation, or destruction on a scale similar to the other gods, his network allowed him to tap into their work and change it in ways he saw fit. After the the creation of humanity and the other races that stemmed from them, he taught the intelligent races how to tap into his Arcane Network and perform changes to the world around them on a much smaller scale.

Magnel is known to only have a single champion at a time, the champion is given the title "The Link Between Man and Magic" although most people simply call them "The Link." The Link is given the position of Archmage of the Magic Isles, and the three Towers of Magnel. He will always have only a single Link and once the current one passes a new one is announced immediately. 

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