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Kikuro the Everchanging

Age: Unknown

Race: Tengu

Affiliations: Hunter's Hall

Hunter Stats:


Kikuro was one of the first member to join the Hunters Hall at its founding. He came from the country of Festrel in the eastern continent, and had met Bastle, Tartarus, and Tharin during their journey in the east, and once the three set up the Hunters Hall he sailed to Middenhelm to join them. Little Else is known about where exactly he came from. His age is also not publicly known, and while he appears to be in his twenties it is known he joined the Hunters Hall as an adult and has been with them for almost twenty years, making him at minimum 38 years old.

Kikuro is, and has been the top ranked of Tharins Scouts since the Halls founding. What sets him aside from the other scouts is his ability to adapt to any situation, not only mentally but physically. Kikuro has the natural ability to morph his body into almost any shape, and can completely regrow limbs in a matter of seconds, all of which is done without any magic. He can alter his nose to that of a hound, his ears to pick up sounds like a bat, and his eyes to that akin to a hawk heightening whichever sense he requires, he can grow wings, gills, and claws for digging which allows him to move unhindered in any environment, and he can even adapt his feathers to insulate or disperse heat more efficiently allowing him to traverse extreme temperatures without much preparation. Most of the scouts are specialists who are only good when given tasks relevant to their abilities, but Kikuro can excel at any type of task which is why he remains at the top.

He is well known for using his ability to morph his body to cause mischief, often aided by Bonnie. One of his more common antics towards people who do not know him are offering a hand to someone who has fallen over, only to have his arm detach from his body when they are in a position that they entirely rely on him for balance, which he used on Frovii. 

Most who know him say he is headstrong and reckless which is due to his ability to regenerate and adapt, he doesn't always take the time to think through everything he does as very few situations pose a real danger to him. Although as a negative effect of his abilities, he can be seen gorging himself on piles of food before and after any situation that forces him to adapt as his body uses up energy at a rate not even comparable to that of a normal person. 

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