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Hunters Hall

Top Hunters: Bastle Forgel, Tartarus Shorhol, and Tharin Gurut.

[More info to come later]

The Hunters Hall was founded in the year (I'm not getting up right now, its on my timeline) by Bastle, Tartarus and Tharin. The Hall was meant to be a place where those who are willing to use their talents at tracking down and slaying monsters could gather in an effort to ensure peace in the country after the Draconic war caused instability throughout the land. As the country became more stable they continued their work, however instead creating stability they now maintain it. In order to be accepted as a Hunter of the Hall you had to pass three tests, each one given by one of the founders of the Hall. Those who pass the tests are given a rank in the Hall and are permitted to take on more difficult tasks at the behest of the three heads. Once a hunter has risen through the ranks they are to choose one of the heads to follow, become a Soldier of Bastle and protect the city from within, or a Slayer of Tartarus and kill powerful beasts which normal hunters could not handle, or lastly a Tracker of Tharin and gather vital information for the other hunters. 

The Hall is the cornerstone of the Hunters District of Middenhelm, and as such the heads of the Hall are a part of the committee in charge of the Freecity. However both Tartarus and Tharin usually leave most of the political issues to Bastle.

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