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God of Earth

Alignment: True Neutral 
Favored Weapon: Tongi
Domain: Earth, Erosion, Protection, Travel
Gods Colors: Brown, and Grey

Chosen: None

It is said that the Father God saw an emptiness where the world now is and disliked that, so he created Delgon to create a sculpture there, and thus Delgon formed a large sphere, but as he was still young it was not a perfect one, some areas of rose higher than others, while other areas sank in making dents on the surface. It was with the creation of this sphere that marked the Age of Elements, which is where our true history begane. Delgon is a simple god, he creates mountains and canyons when he feels it is needed, however he does little else to interfere with the world. He is often worshipped by Dwarves, and the Gnomes of Degarian Hill, and by most folk who live off the riches of the earth. Despite having some priests and paladins who gain power through him, he has no champions for he is uninterested with the affairs of man. 

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