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Bastle Forgel

The Castle Wall

Age: 52

Height: 6'

Race: Human

Affiliations: Hunters Hall, Aiya's Champion, Knights of the Blade

Hero of the Draconic War, champion to the godess Aiya, Knight of Eternal Loyalty, and one of the founding three of the Hunter's Hall, Bastle is regarded as a living legend among the people of Middenhelm, and many outside its borders. 

He was born in Middenhelm to a sickly single mother, and at the age of 9 when she passed he was taken in by his uncle Garius Forgel, who at the time was the Knight of Swordsman. Garius was the most skilled swordsman in the country, and was chosen by the then crown prince, and current king Raldin Middenhelm to train his son Matian Middenhelm in swordplay. Bastle and Matian trained in swordplay together under Garius, they were both only children and had guardians who had little time to spare due to the importance of their work, which led Bastile to view Matian as a younger brother. 


During his time in the castle he was known for causing trouble, disobeying rules, acting outside the royal norms, and the occasional prank gave him a negative reputation in youth. In time he learned to behave more like a royal, although only doing so publicly, while away from the public eye he would still cause trouble and often drag Matian into his schemes. 

When he turned 30 he left Middenhelm and set out to see the world, on a trip which took him 2 years. During that time he met with Bastle and Tharin, along with a few others who play a large role in his legend, and obtained his signature armor and shield. He had plans to remain abroad longer, however tensions between Middenhelm and Dragons Grave grew and he returned home fearing the situation might escalate. Three months after he returned to Middenhelm his fears became reality as war broke out. Because he was trained by a Knight of the Blade, Bastle was given command of a small battalion, however he was left in the city as reserve due to his lack of experience in proper military affairs, his companions however were not allowed into military service. 

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